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Hey there! Welcome to R.C Fence LLC, where we’re all about giving you the best fencing solutions right here in Charlotte, NC. We’re a local business that really cares about providing top-notch quality fences designed to stand the test of time. Our crew is super committed to making sure you get fantastic customer service and they do an amazing job every single time.

Looking for a fence for your home or maybe your business? Well, we’ve got just what you need. From vinyl and aluminum to wood, chain link, and chain link fencing, our selection is wide enough to match any style or requirement you might have while also adding that special touch to your property’s look.

Here at R.C Fence LLC, keeping your family safe and securing your investments are things we take seriously. That’s why our products come with a lifetime warranty—so you can rest easy knowing we’ve got it covered if anything goes wrong down the line. Plus, figuring out how much it’ll cost is a breeze with our free estimates. We are proud to offer 100% American made products and materials, as well as fully licensed and insured professionals. Your satisfaction is the measure of our success.

Choosing us means getting stellar results from beginning to end because our team isn’t just experienced—they’re experts at installing fences flawlessly. We pride ourselves on going beyond what’s expected when it comes to great customer service; aiming always exceeds your expectations.

Discover The Perfect Fencing Solution For Your Charlotte Home

Looking for the perfect fence to match your Charlotte home? R.C Fence LLC has got you covered. With a variety of fencing options like vinyl, aluminum, wood, and chain link fences, finding one that suits your needs and looks great with your property is easy.

Vinyl fences are quite popular among homeowners who prefer something that doesn’t need much upkeep but still lasts long. They come in different styles and colors too, so they can make your home look even better while keeping it private and secure.

On the other hand, if elegance combined with durability is what you’re after, an aluminum fence might be just right. These maintenance-free fences offer various styles to ensure you find one that fits perfectly with your house’s design.

Wooden fences have always been a go-to for adding warmth and charm. Whether it’s picket fences for a quaint look or privacy ones to keep things secluded or even split rail designs – there’s plenty of customization available to boost your home’s curb appeal.

Understanding The Process: From Consultation To Installation

At R.C Fence LLC, we get that getting a new fence might feel like a big deal. We aim to make it smooth and worry-free for you. With us, everything kicks off with a no-cost chat where we talk about what you need in fencing and offer advice on the best choices for your space, including financing options.

After picking what works for you, our skilled crew takes over all parts of putting up your fence. From getting all the needed permits to putting in the final piece, we handle every detail. Our main goal is to give you an easy time and deliver a new fence that goes beyond what you hoped for.

What To Expect During Your Free Consultation With R.C Fence LLC

When you chat with us at R.C Fence LLC during your no-cost meeting, we’re all about giving top-notch help and advice that hits the mark. Our crew really gets into what you need for fencing, tailoring suggestions just for your place.

With us guiding you, exploring different materials, looks, and colors becomes a breeze. We aim to make sure choosing your new fence leaves you totally happy. Explore Premier Fencing Charlotte NC Provider: R.C Fence LLC for more information.

On top of that, we’ll hand over a free estimate so everything—costs and how long it’ll take—is crystal clear to you. With our commitment to great service every step of the way, expect nothing less than peace of mind as we work on making this experience smooth sailing from beginning to end.

The Step-by-Step Guide To Our Hassle-Free Installation Process

At R.C Fence LLC, we’ve made our fence installation process super easy for you. Here’s how it goes:

By sticking closely with this guide from beginning-to-end ensures that a new piece of fencing Charlotte NC comes without stress or surprises—just exactly what was hoped-for!

Enhancing Your Property’s Value And Security

Putting up a fence around your place can do wonders, like making it worth more and keeping it safe. If you own a home or run a business in Charlotte, NC, the folks at R.C Fence LLC are there to help you hit these targets.

A fence that looks good and is kept in shape can really bump up what your property’s worth. It makes everything look nicer from the street and leaves a strong impression on people who might want to buy or visit. Choosing a top-notch fence franchise from R.C Fence LLC could make your spot stand out even more, enhancing your property’s value and security.

On top of making things look better, fences give you this sense of safety knowing everything important is tucked away nicely inside. They’re great for scaring off anyone who shouldn’t be there and keep all you care about secure. You’ve got choices too – tough materials like aluminum or chain link fences build up that solid wall keeping trouble out.

Then there’s driveway gates which crank security levels higher while also being super convenient for getting in and out easily. At R.C Fence LLC, we’ve got all sorts of options whether they slide open or swing wide; whatever fits best with what you need.

So by choosing both fencing Charlotte NC solutions including those sturdy chain link ones plus driveway gates offered by us here at R.C Fence LLC not only boosts how much value others see in your space but wraps it all with peace of mind thanks to added security measures right here in Charlotte, NC.

Why Choose R.C Fence LLC For Your Charlotte Fencing Needs

If you’re in Charlotte, NC and looking for someone to handle your fencing needs, R.C Fence LLC is the way to go. Here’s why picking us is a smart move:

Choosing R.C Fence LLC means getting professionalism wrapped up with excellent service backed by many successful years ensuring meet perfectly while providing ultimate satisfaction through quality workmanship using best available resources.

Our Commitment To Quality And Customer Satisfaction

At R.C Fence LLC, our main goal is to make sure you’re happy with the service we provide. Our team works hard to not just meet but beat your expectations by delivering top-notch results.

With us, you get fences made from the best materials out there which means they’ll last a long time and look good while doing it. Plus, these products come with a lifetime warranty so you can rest easy knowing your new fence is covered for life.

Making sure our customers are pleased is really important to us. We always aim to do more than what’s expected because we care about giving you a great experience. Your thoughts on how we did matter a lot and help us keep getting better at what we do.

By picking R.C Fence LLC for your fencing needs, you’re choosing someone reliable that focuses on quality service and making sure customers like yourself end up satisfied with their new fence that’s built strong enough to stand firm year after year.


When you’re looking to boost your property’s worth and keep it safe, picking the right fence is key. Over in Charlotte, R.C Fence LLC makes getting a new fence super easy and they really care about making their customers happy. They offer different materials like wood, vinyl, and aluminum so you can pick the perfect fence that looks good in your area. From the first chat to putting up your fence, R.C Fence LLC is there with you at every step. Don’t miss this chance to make your place better with reliable fencing options. Get in touch with R.C Fence LLC for all things fencing in Charlotte.

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